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Modern Wedding
Modern Marriage Rituals
Chinese wedding customs in Singapore has been simplified over the years. Just about a decade ago, it is the parents of the wedding couple that insist on following certain wedding customs. Nowadays, as the society ages, even the parents are not too much concern over whether the wedding customs are properly followed. Anyway, the most important thing is that the partners are suitable for each other to ensure a long and lasting marriage. Most of the wedding couples gets advice regards to their wedding ceremony from their parents and Wedding Consultant like Minah.  On their actual wedding day, they will be guided by their siblings and even their wedding photographer to advise them in the wedding customs. There is always a meaning to every custom practice being pass down by our ancenstors and we encourage them to follow the guidelines.  Usually, the couple want the best for themselves and they will tend to follow the guidelines as advice, probably in the modified way. In the following paragraphs, I would discuss how relevant the customs are in Singapore and what are the modern way of performing the customs.
Three Letters and Six Etiquette - The Modern Way

In Singapore, we seldom practice Three Letters customs anymore.  It is probably due to technology advance where sending e-mails would be a faster and efficient way?  Anyway, this part of the customs had been eroded. However, most of the Chinese people in singapore, if not the world, would at least hold a "Meet The Parents" session before talking about marriage. It is also polite to bring some gifts especially on the first meeting. To the Chinese, the bride is married into the Groom's family meaning that she is supposed to follow the husband's surname and live together with them.

  • Request for Marrying the Bride
  • Request for Bride and Groom's Birth Dates
  • Initial Gifts for the Bride's Family
  • Formal Gifts for the Bride's Family
  • Select the Wedding Date
  • Wedding Day


Preparation for the Wedding - The Modern Way
  • Setting up the Bridal Bed
  • The Bride's Gifts for the Groom
  • Combing Hair
Wedding Day Activities - The Modern Way
  • Day Activities
  • Night Activities
Return of the bride to her parentsí home

The bride will return to her family home 3 days after the wedding. She will either be alone or accompanied by her husband. The bride will also bring along some gifts, and a roasted pig and gifts for her family. In some dialect groups, the bride’s family will return the head and tail of the roasted pig back to the groom’s family. Some of the gifts brought will also be returned to the groom’s family as a courteous gesture. It is customary for some brides to stay a few days at her parents’ home.