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Wedding FAQ
My Wedding Date is drawing near. I do not know anything about Chinese Wedding.

Do not worry too much.  We live in modern society.  Almost 90% of the young couples that come to us have the same question in their head.  We are most happy to advice them in all wedding traditional and customs.  Most of our happy customers walk out confidently looking forward for their big day.

I am marrying with a different dialect group. Can you Help?

There is nothing wrong marrying to a different dialect group like Teochew, Hokkien, Cantonese, Hainanese.  We live in modern society and of different lifestyle.  In Minah Wedding, we can customise to the same or different mix of dialect culture.

I am born Chinese. I am marrying an Eurasian and he is a Christian.

Probably 10-20 yeras ago, you and your hubby might look like an aliens when you walk down the street with people wandering "how can this happened" in the mind of the Chinese.  Today as more people are working in a Global Environment with frequent travelling around the world, marrying of different nationalality has become very common.  In Minah Wedding, we have experience in dealing with partners of different dialect, nationality and culture background.  Do drop-by and we will work out a solution for both of you.

I am going to get married only once. Can you help me to get the best for my Wedding?
We have wide collections of Chinese Wedding Accessories for your selection.  Premium product are of high details with quality finish.  Some of the product are custom made or imported directly from overseas.  In Minah Wedding, we will offer you the best of the range in our collection.
My son is getting married. Why is your product so different from our time like 30 years ago?

Good that you ask.  In Minah, we are always sourcing for new product to add to our list.  For example, a common "Tea Sets" just serve the purpose of serving Tea during Tea Ceromony in respect for the elders and siblings.  Today, you can find there are many different Tea Sets available for selection ranging from very traditional with Dragon and Phonix paint to comical character.  Likewise, we also have lamp that runs on electricity or battery compared to only oil lamp in the past.

Do you provide renting of Wedding Basket?

Yes, we provide rental of selected Wedding Basket for wedding couples.  Due to the overwhelming response and especially "auspicious dates", we advice our customer to make at least (2) months advance booking.  Do call us for Advance Booking.